Crazy Dragon Slots

You will enjoy celebrating with good luck from Asian culture and this infamous icon when you play Crazy Dragon slots from the Real Time Gaming company. This classic 3 reels, one payline video slots game is all about the legendary dragons that are so prominent throughout Chinese culture and can be seen on everything from artwork, architecture and more. But where did the dragons come from and what do they mean so much in China? Chinese dragons, also known as East Asian dragons, are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology, Chinese folklore, and East Asian culture at large. East Asian dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish, but are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength. When you arrive to this game you will see the Crazy Dragon logo at the top in red and yellow. The background on the game is illustrated in emerald green reptile images with sparkling colors throughout. Below you will see the paytable that shows all the winning combinations and what you will get when you hit them. Then you will see the random progressive jackpot counter just below that where you can see it going up all the time. The machine pays up to 1,000 coins and can play up to 3 coins. They symbols on the reels are designed in high details, with traditional Chinese icons such as a Bonsai, Dragon, Firework, Pagoda, Ying-Yang, and a Fish. The Ying-Yang is the wild symbol and there is no scatter symbol in this game. On the right side of the game you will see the winner paid window, credits and coins played. Along the very bottom you will see the buttons you need to play the game which include the cash out button, bet one, spin reels and play 3 credits. This game is unique in that there is one coin size only and that is $1.00. To have the opportunity to win the top prize you should play with the maximum 3 coins. And the minimum bet and the maximum bet of this game that will allow you to win the top award are the same and that is $3.00. Plan your strategy accordingly and the dragons will reward you with lots of winning combinations with every spin of the reels.

Download, Instant Play and Mobile Devices

Get ready to play with the dragons anyway you want. You decide on how you want to play this game and there are three options to control the Crazy Dragon slots machine. You can download this game onto your desktop computer or if you prefer you can play right in your browser when you select the instant play feature. It's fast and easy. You can even set up your account, collect your bonus and play. On your way to Asia to see the dragons in real life? No problems, this game also looks and plays great on any mobile device. You can play on an iPhone, iPad, tablets, Samsung smartphones, Microsoft Devices, Android and even Blackberries. You will still get all the same great graphics, special effects, music and sounds that really make this Oriental theme complete. It will light up your mobile device with all the bold vivid colours and Asian sounds.

Crazy Dragon Slots Jackpots

Now get ready to enjoy all the good luck from the Crazy Dragon that will take you to the top jackpots. When you see these jackpots you know you're not crazy when you hit them and cash in. If you really want to benefit from the power of the Asian dragon and everything it stands for like power, strength and good luck, then you will want to go for the jackpots in this game. Here are the top jackpots depending on the number of coins you bet with the coin size of $1.00. Start your Asian Dragon search for jackpots when you go for the third highest jackpot is 1,000 coins or $1,000 for 3 Fish if you bet 1 coin. Or feel the power of the Dragon and go for the second jackpot that is 2,000 coins or $2,000 for 3 Fish if you bet 2 coins. But if you want to feel like the Emperor of Asia, then go for the highest jackpot is 3,000 coins or $3,000 for 3 Fish if you bet 3 coins. The game just keeps getting better when you play the Crazy Dragon Slot Bonus Game. In order for you to get into the bonus round you will have to play with 3 coins to activate this feature. You need to get the parts of the Dragon on the payline starting with the head on the first reel. In case you don't have the head of the Dragon on the first reel, the bonus won't activate. So, with the Dragon's head on the first reel only, that means you will get 2 Free Re-Spins. In case you get the second part of the Dragon on the reel 2, you activate 5 Free Re-spins. If you manage to get the whole Dragon body on the reels 1, 2 and 3 you are awarded with 20 Free Re-spins. Now that is a lot of free spins so you can come up with lots of winning combinations. It's time to go for the Crazy Dragon Slot Machine Progressive Jackpot. And you can win this incredible prize if you get 100 re-spins during the Crazy Dragon Bonus Feature. In other words, you need to activate some Free Re-spins at first and start to win more Re-spins during the feature. You can see the total number of Re-spins won on the right above the reels. In case you reach 100, that's when you will get the progressive jackpot and rule all of China. Overall, this Crazy Dragon slot machine is a traditional slots machine that offers you to win quite attractive prizes that can be up to 3,000 coins or $3,000. Play with maximum 3 coins to activate bonus game and get the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. The Asian Dragon theme is cool and can appeal to anyone like beginners and advanced slots players or anyone who likes to play with an interesting culture. The main objective is to go for the jackpots and eventually you will want to hit the random progressive jackpot where all your exotic travels to the Orient will take you away to lands you may have never seen before. If you have any questions about the game, just contact customer support and they will be happy to assist you. Now get ready to slay the crazy dragon in this slots game and cash in on all the jackpots. Play Now!